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Glaze Methodology


A 10 lesson weekly program which aims to introduce basic approaches of how glazes are mixed and developed.

Learners will be introduced to line blend, triaxial and biaxial blend. These are the methods of how glazes are created and tested. Substantial testing of raw materials will be encouraged for variety of results.

A range of raw materials, clay for making of the test tiles, equipment, notes and firing charges of test tiles are included. 

Do note that the raw materials provided is sufficient for all testings during the course only. Mixing of large amount of glaze is not provided. 

Glaze recipe(s) developed during the course, test tiles and glaze tests belong to the participants; and can be brought home after. 

The studio do not keep any of the above. 



Class Schedule: Every Saturday ONLY (11 Jan - 21 Mar 2020)

Time: 2pm - 5pm

*No class on 25 Jan 2020.

*Usage of wheel station to be booked separately. 

*Exclusive of all throwing clay and firing charges of works (if any)