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Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese art form originating from 15th century Japan. Following the aesthetics of Wabi-Sabi school, it is a time-honoured craft where artisans meticulously repair beloved broken ceramic cups and bowls using Urushi lacquer and flour, then dusting the repaired seams with gold. Built on the idea that in embracing flaws and imperfections, the technique highlights the repaired seams as part of the design, creating a stronger, more beautiful piece of art. 

In this 5 session Kintsugi Master Class, participants will learn the intricacies of Urushi lacquer and its role in traditional Kintsugi. During these 5 sessions, participants will repair their own ceramic ware and artwork with the guidance of the facilitators. We will be going though the steps of preparing the ceramic pieces for repair, the different steps and drying process of using Urushi as a glue; to preparing the repaired surface for the final dusting and burnishing of the repaired ware. 

Things to Take Note of: 

  • 5 lessons only.
  • 3 hours per lesson 
  • All equipment and materials used during the workshop will be provided by facilitators. For the metal powders, we will provide Brass Powder as part of the workshop. 
  • We will provide the opportunity to purchase the appropriate silver or gold powders on request by the participants.
  • Bring home kit set will be sold upon request.
  • Participants bring their own broken ceramic / wares for the workshop. 1 work per participant, max size not more than 20 x 20 x 20 cm
  • Ideally, chawan, bowl, large mouth cylindrical form or plate.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Fixed dates. No replacement class
  • Non-extendable / Non-refundable / Non-exchangeable / Non-transferable / Non-negotiable

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