Free starter kit for all Phase I / II first time registrants.


Pottery Course - Wheel Throwing Phase I and II

Q: I have no experience in pottery. Which course should I choose?

A: Phase I - Wheel Throwing on Domestic Objects is specially designed for absolute beginners without the need to go through hand building classes. Thus, Phase I is recommended for all beginners.

Q:I have attended some hand building lessons before. Do I still sign up for Wheel Throwing Phase I?

A: Hand-building and wheel-throwing are different methods of pottery-making, beginners are recommended to sign up for Phase I which introduces learners on throwing of basic forms.

Q: I have gone through a course of wheel throwing lessons. Can I sign up for Phase II – Wheel Throwing on Decorative Objects?

A: Yes, of course! Instructor will be able to check if you are facing any difficulties on throwing basic forms. We will be glad to adjust the program syllabus accordingly for you without additional top-ups.

Q: Do I need to sign up for both Phases?

A: There is no need to sign up for 2 Phases. Learners can choose to sign up Phase I first.

Q: Can I pay at the studio on the 1st lesson? 

A: To avoid “No Show”, we accept only online enrolment for all first-time registrants.

Q: Can I enroll now and start later?

A: Yes of course.  Validity of course is 120 days from date of enrollment. Kindly note that only courses not commenced within the 120 days period will be forfeited automatically. 

Q: I have completed the online enrolment. What’s next?

A:  Registrants will receive a confirmation email / direct booking link within 48 hours upon online enrolment. First lesson can be booked through the link. 

Q: What do I need to bring along? 

A: A personal apron.

Q: What should my attire be like?

A:Do casual! Most of us in the studio prefer to be in our usual tee and shorts! =)

Q: Do I need to cut my nails short?

A: Recommended but not necessary. 

Q: What is the class size? 

A: We have more than 8 wheel stations available in the studio but are allocated between learners and members (independent hours users) during class hours. We aim to keep the class at a comfortable size to provide adequate attention to each of the learner, there will be 2 to 3 instructors per class (if it exceeds 8 learners) to assist beginners. 

Q: Can I attend more than 1 lesson each week?

A: Yes! There is no need to come in on a fixed day each week for class, learners can come on any of the days with classes scheduled. We will be very happy to see you more than once each week. However, booking of class is required and on a first come first serve basis.

Q:Will there be any penalty if I cancelled class?

A: No, there is not if you complete the course by the expiry. However, any class booked and unattended will be forfeited. 

Q: I am unable to complete 10 lessons within 120 days.

A: Fee applies for all additional extension. Please kindly approach staffs for more details on your 1st lesson. 

Q: I have all the dates which I want to attend my classes. Can I pre-book them? 

A: We do not accept pre-booking of 10 dates in advance until further notice. All class spots are book through the 3rd party booking system. However, do note that all future bookings made will be automatically void if there are 2 and/ or more consecutive no show-ups / cancellations made on the dates booked.  

Q: Can I purchase clay from the studio after I have finished my initial 10 kg of clay or do I need to purchase from local suppliers?

A: Yes. We do carry different brands of clay and materials in the studio or you may like to purchase compatible clay from third parties as well.

Q: How much do I need to pay for firing?

A: We are unable to provide you with the total cost on firing as learners have the choice to choose which are the works to be fired. Firing rate is inclusive of 2 rounds of firings and unlimited usage of house glazes. Same rate applies if only bisque firing (1st round of firing) is opted. 


Trial Lesson / Workshop

Q: I want to join 1 trial lesson during the class schedule. 

A: We do not provide trial class currently. Seats availability is solely reserved for existing learners and members. 

Q: Is there any one time off workshop available for corporate team building? 

A: Yes there is with a minimum requirement of 15 participants. Personalized workshop is available only upon request and additional charges may apply. Please kindly email us with your date, time and your requirement for further details. 

Firing Services (For Public)

Q: Can I bring my works to fire at the studio if I am not an existing learner / member of the studio? 

A: Unfortunately, we do not provide this service to the public currently.